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“Infographic” harkens back to the buzzy design words of the late 2000s, but a successful visualization—even something as simple as a bar graph—can make the difference to compel us to look closer or even understand a story in a new way.

In Asian Americans in Michigan (2015), editors Sook Wilkinson and Victor compile stories from communities that have often been overlooked. These charts in the first chapter give readers an easy visual to set the stage for population trends and set up the unique perspectives of the subsequent perspectives.

As part of the MSNBC.com editorial team, I worked alongside the editors and writers to come up with graphics to supplement their reporting and often provide an analysis of the data. From issues ranging from climate to LGBTQ rights, I worked with our team to find a design style that took notice of the TV side’s graphic flair and yet appealed to our digitally savvy audience.